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Mr. Hoppe,

Wow! what a dog you sent me! He has become part of my family and is part of almost every conversation I have, I love my pup! 

He is the perfect pup. Friendly but also knows when to be aggressive. I knew coming to Gatorland I was going to get the best and attaining a pup from Gloria & Sako I knew I was going to get a world class Belgian Malinois. Cash has the perfect personality, friendly around home visitors but can be aggressive when a stranger or someone tries to hit me (playfully). Since his first home arrival at 2 months he was an immediate beast with a strong bite and now at 6 months he has only gotten stronger. I cannot wait for this upcoming winter for when he is ready for protective & obedience training from a top class breeder such as GatorlandK9International.


Joseph Barrera

Houston, TX, USA  


Hi Ted,

This is our Lucy. She has the best temperament and personality. These photos sum up her life with us.

Sincerely,   Jill & Steve

Thanks again for everything Ted! I was the Air Force Combat Rescue guy that bought my pup from you on the 3rd of Jan. Indy is doing great! My vet says he is very large and looks absolutely stunning. He was an Army Veterinarian for 4 years and said Indy is probably the best looking Belgian Malinois he's come across


I just wanted to give you an update on my pup I got from you. Shenzi will be a year old next month, she is out of your Tebow x Sofie litter. She is an amazing dog. As a puppy she couldn’t be easier. She housebroke within 2 weeks, has never chewed/destroyed anything & when we are inside she is calm, relaxed and always by my side. We have gotten involved with Schutzhund and she is awesome. She absolutely loves it and is doing really well. Her willingness to learn and intelligence makes her obedience really fun to train, her natural instincts and clear-headedness really shows through in her protection and she has got a great nose and intensity while tracking. She is so much fun to work with. She is social, loving, loyal and so smart. She is great around all people, kids and dogs, even babies. She loves to play fetch, swimming, and hiking. Her natural protective instinct has really shown through and I always feel safe when she is with me. It is rare that I go anywhere without her. She is epitome man’s best friend and I could not have asked for a better dog. She is my best friend. Thank you for your dedication to the breed and for breeding such balanced and well-rounded dogs. Whenever the time comes for another Malinois, I will definitely be coming back to Gatorland K9 Malinois. 

Erin Husar


 Here's Diesel my gatorland mal. He's the best!  Joshua Jones



I thought I'd send you an email to let you know Indy is doing very well. He gets along great with my boys and is a very quick learner. He is practically house broken already and has been doing well on the obstacle course I built for him. Hope all is well. Thanks again for everything.



Good Morning Ted, 

I wanted to send you some pictures of the puppy I purchased from you. You were calling him Ninja, he's now Maximus. He is an outstanding pup, I couldn't have asked for a better dog. He is an absolute sweetheart and hasn't shied away from anything that I've thrown at him. He has such an amazing temperament and just takes to every situation, boats, swimming, you name it he's up for it. I wanted to let you know how great of a pup he is and how over the moon I am with him. 

Thank you again for the amazing dog & I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Patricia Cruz 

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