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Pros & Cons of the Malinois

Many people are drawn to the malinois breed for different reasons. If you are considering a malinois for your family then there are things for you to consider.

People often call me and ask me if this is the right breed for them. They are not for everyone. Malinois thrive best with structure and training, they are not a breed for couch potatoes. You must have a solid game plan for training before getting one.

It is important to start training at a very young age, this can be fun and very rewarding for the rest of your dogs life.

When getting a puppy I recommend certain training videos for the new owner to buy in advanced to bringing the puppy home, this way the new owner can learn certain handling techniques to get the puppy started on the right track.

This is a very special breed as it is super intelligent and learns very quickly. Many factors come into play & there are people who buy malinois and do not have the right knowledge to start a malinois in training.

I tell perspective owners that you must be a handler as well as a pet owner as this breed requires some handling skill. The training videos help you develop

handling skill.

Dedication and a good work ethic are some of the keys to success! One of the reasons malinois are at shelters is that their owners lacked the work ethic or

knowledge to be successful at training one of these awesome dogs. Owning a Malinois is a privilege.

Our next blog will review selecting the right puppy. As puppies energy and drive levels have to be matched to the new owner, they are like humans

as they are individuals and they are all uniquely different.

We have successfully placed many puppies with their new owners, some people want dogs for family companion dogs, some for police dogs and some for service dogs. Our next blog will talk about the selection process.

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