As a Malinois breeder for about 25 years I have come to realize the importance of selecting foundation breeding bitches. As many breeders have good males and focus on the quality of the males,  the females are in my opinion more important. This is not to say that the males are not important as well. 

A sound female is an absolute necessity in a quality breeding program. Over the years i have found that a quality brood bitch lends many of her traits to her puppies. Both environmentally and genetically.  A confident outgoing female with strong nerves is optimal. Working ability is also important. Gloria is one of the finest females I have ever owned. From the moment i picked her up at the Orlando airport (she is an import) I liked everything I saw.  She was very confident although she had never met me before and this was after a 13 hour plane trip from EU. She came out of the box at the Delta cargo facility like she knew me all her life. She was self assured,  social and wanted to play ball.  Despite heavy equipment, ,strange environment and someone she had never met she exuded confidence. Gloria is the type of female who can do impressive protection work at the same time have the temperament to allow children to play with her and be forgiving to their nature.  Gloria has produced the most outstanding quality puppies I have ever seen.  The combination of Gloria with Sako as well as Gloria and Willie has proven outstanding. 

Bruder is a Male Pup from the Gloria & Sako Litter
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